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At Waterfall Jewelers we strive to make your online shopping experience convenient safe and efficient and as enjoyable as possible. We make every effort to source only quality gifts and products


All Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice and are quoted including Taxes.  All freight charges to us are your responsibility.   Our aim is to process and deliver your goods within 10 business days from when your payment has been received and cleared.  It is essential that you provide your correct address, to have your item mailed back to you


Waterfall Jewelers recommends you ensure all goods are well packed and that you have them adequately insured.


Waterfall Jewelers will compensate you for defects caused by them or defective goods supplied by them provided original receipt are produced.  Please see our Guarantee Section for more info on specific guarantees.

Should an item be wrongly selected as per e.g. wrong size, wrong color, Waterfall Jewelers will try our best to find a happy outcome for both parties. On a usual basis we will ask that the item be returned in its original condition at your expense.  Credit will be given for the return item and we will ask that any price difference be paid before the replacement item is sent to you.

Waterfall Jewelers will not be liable for any loss, damage or Injury, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use our web site or products. No content on our Drayton Woods web site may be used copied or reproduced without written approval from us.



All Items will have a 60 Day warranties.   Once again please contact our office for and RA Number to have it returned to  us.

Where the manufacturer of any product you have bought from us provides a manufacturer’s warranty that warranty is in addition to your other rights and remedies under law in relation to those goods.

The warranty given by the manufacturer is not a warranty given by us. However, if you wish to make a warranty claim, and it is not clear from the manufacturer’s warranty as to who you should contact or how to process a claim, you can contact Waterfall Jewelrs at  and we will try and assist you with your claim.  In any event, to be valid, any claim you may wish to make against any manufacturer’s warranty would need to be within the warranty period stated by the manufacturer as that period within which a defect to which the warranty relates must appear.

Thanks again,

Waterfall Jewelers
5649 Dixie Highway
Waterford, MI 48329

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